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In an abundance of caution for the safety of TFHC patients and employees, TFHC Dental Services have been suspended. The following Dental Services locations are OPEN for EMERGENCY CARE ONLY: N. Nebraska, Dale Mabry, and Osborne. All other TFHC Dental Services are temporarily closed. For more information, please call TFHC at (813) 397-5300.

Como precaución por la seguridad de los pacientes y empleados de TFHC, los servicios dentales de TFHC han sido suspendidos. Las siguientes ubicaciones de clinicas dentales están ABIERTAS SOLO PARA ATENCIÓN DE CASOS DE EMERGENCIA: N. Nebraska, Dale Mabry y Osborne. Todas las demás clinicas dentales de TFHC están cerradas temporalmente. Para obtener más información, por favor llame a TFHC al (813) 397-5300.

Cavities are common indicators of poor oral health but did you know that your dental health can influence your overall health? Heart disease, dementia, respiratory infections, and complications with diabetes all have been linked to bad dental hygiene. Gum disease can also negatively impact pregnant women by increasing risks of low baby weight and early births.

Get the facts so you can flash those healthy, pearly whites for years to come. Call Tampa Family Health Centers today.

Good Dental Hygiene Essentials:

  • Regular Dental Check-ups: See your dentist at Tampa Family Health Centers twice a year for cleanings and other preventive care. Follow your dentist's advice regarding continued care.
  • Brush your teeth: Brushing your teeth at least twice a day can help keep your teeth healthy and strong. Make it a habit to brush in the morning and just before bedtime.
  • Toothpaste: Using toothpaste that is recommended by your dentist. Most dentists recommend a fluoride toothpaste. Check with your dentist about what is best for your teeth.
  • Flossing: Toothbrushes don't always catch leftover particles. Flossing daily can help remove additional bacteria and plaque.
  • Mouthwash: A thorough rinse can help you get to areas that both the toothbrush and floss might have missed ensuring a thorough clean.
  • Dental Hygiene Fun Fact: Your toothbrush matters! To take the best care of your teeth it's important to choose the right toothbrush and to replace it every four months. Ask your dentist what kind of toothbrush (soft, hard) is right for you.

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Wellness Visit

As a part of a healthy lifestyle, it is important to maintain good oral health. The first step to good oral health is to schedule a dental wellness visit, which includes: 

  1. Oral health screening
  2. Complete set of x-rays
  3. In-depth oral exam
  4. Oral cancer screening
After the initial examination, the dentist will create a treatment plan and discuss the treatment options with you.

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Your Dental Team

Jade Le, DMD
Jade Le, DMDDentist
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
Isolda Gamble, DDS
Isolda Gamble, DDSGeneral Dentist
University of Panama
Ericka Gray, DMD
Ericka Gray, DMDGeneral Dentist
Tufts School of Dental Medicine
Raiza Honzalez
Raiza HonzalezDental Hygienist
Ramon Sanchez Odontologist School
Jobin Joseph, DDS
Jobin Joseph, DDSGeneral Dentist
New York University
Sophia Kelly
Sophia KellyDental Hygienist
St. Petersburg College
Silvia Martinez
Silvia MartinezDental Hygienist
ISCM Ignacio Agramonte
Barbara Popek, DMD
Barbara Popek, DMDGeneral Dentist/Periodontist
Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine
Maria Pena Rodriguez
Maria Pena RodriguezDental Hygienist
University Medical Science
Nathan Graddy, DDS
Nathan Graddy, DDSGeneral Dentist
Howard University
William Guerra, DDS
William Guerra, DDSGeneral Dentist
ISCM Santiago de Cuba
Simona Ivanov, DDS
Simona Ivanov, DDSGeneral Dentist
University of Minnesota
Darlene (Desinor) Jean, DMD
Darlene (Desinor) Jean, DMDGeneral Dentist
University of Louisville
Ana Leon, DDS
Ana Leon, DDSGeneral Dentist
University Francisco Marroquin
Gina Najafi, DMD
Gina Najafi, DMDGeneral Dentist
Nova Southeastern University
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel RodriguezDental Hygienist
Colegio Odontologico Colombiano
Tamara-Kay Tibby, DMD, MPH
Tamara-Kay Tibby, DMD, MPHDental Director,
Pediatric Dental
Harvard University